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Kiddie Ferris Wheel

Kiddie Ferris Wheel at McCullough’s Kiddie Park, Coney Island. June 14, 2008. Photo © Tricia Vita via flickr

Black Friday is here and it’s time to shop for toys to put under the Christmas tree. If the tree is growing in your backyard, a kiddie ride would fit just fine though you’d better check zoning regulations. Generations of kids have grown up riding this little Ferris Wheel at McCullough’s Kiddie Park on the Bowery at West 12th Street in Coney Island, but now it’s for sale. As previously reported by ATZ, the family-owned park closed in September after fifty years when the owners weren’t able to come to a lease agreement with property owner Thor Equities. The park’s rides are being offered for sale by usedrides.com. The Wheel is ten grand and the much-photographed Bumblebees are $42,000. Among the other rides are a Mini-Himalaya ($17,000), Alan Herschell Carousel ($50,000) and Zamperla Rockin’ Tug ($42,000). The rides were moved to the broker’s lot in Greer, South Carolina.

Although McCullough’s Kiddie Park has operated on 12th Street since the 1960s, the family’s history in Coney Island goes back much further. Four generations of McCulloughs have owned and operated amusement rides here. They are related to the Tilyou family of Steeplechase Park as well as to the Stubbmann family, whose Coney Island carousel became part of the one in Flushing Meadows. The McCulloughs are also the former owners of the B&B Carousell, which will reopen in Coney Island’s new Steeplechase Plaza next year. It’s sad that McCullough’s is closing and that Coney is losing another indie operator. They will be missed and so will their bees. But Coney Island isn’t losing all of its kiddie rides: Deno’s Kiddie Park on the Boardwalk has 17 rides for children, including the beloved Mangels Pony Cart and Fire Engine, and will reopen in the spring.

Bumble Bee Ride

Bumble Bees and Herschell Carousel at McCullough’s Kiddie Park, Coney Island, September 3, 2012. Photo © me-myself-i/Tricia Vita via flickr


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Pinto Bros. Pony Cart

Pinto Bros. Pony Cart, Image Courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio

This charming cast iron pony and wood cart manufactured in Coney Island, New York, by the Pinto Brothers is up for auction on May 19 at Cowan’s Auctions in Cincinnati. Two bids have already been placed online via liveauctioneers. The Pinto Brothers were kiddie ride manufacturers in Coney Island during the 1940s and ’50s. Like their better known contemporary William F Mangels, who also manufactured a popular pony cart ride, the Pinto family had a factory on West 8th Street. Pinto rides turn up less frequently than Mangels, which makes this piece of Coney Island memorabilia desirable despite– or perhaps because of?– its condition: “Unrestored, horse repainted, paint loss to cart, wooden slats of cart damaged with age.”

The owner found the piece at an antique mall in Lexington, Kentucky, where its name plate and Coney Island provenance went unnoticed: Pinto Bros Mfg. Amusement Devices, Coney Island, NY, USA. Among the kiddie rides that they manufactured and advertised for sale were a carousel, ferris wheel, rocket, roller coaster, miniature trains, sail boats, fire engine and pony carts.

Pinto Bros Nov 1951

In June 1948, the Billboard reported that Pinto Bros three new kiddie pony and cart rides built in their shop at 2940 West 8th Street were featured at Feltman’s park, in McCullough’s lot adjoining the Dangler on West 15th and Surf, and in Asbury Park. The brothers Albert and Silvio, along with their cousin Henry and father Silvio Sr., also operated a variety of other rides in Coney Island, including a Mangels Whip, a Scrambler, and the Tornado roller coaster and Spook House.

When the widening of the street for the New York Aquarium construction swallowed up their shop in 1954, they continued to manufacture ride parts for customers and operate rides. In 1959, the Pinto family bought the Cyclone roller coaster, which they operated before selling it to the City a decade later. According to a post with reminiscences of the Pinto Brothers on the Coney Island History Project’s blog “Ask Mr. Coney Island,” a pony and cart was restored at the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky, Ohio.

UPDATE May 21, 2012:

The price realized for the Pinto Bros. Pony Cart was $470.00.

Pinto Bros Nameplate

Pinto Bros Mfg of Coney Island, New York Manufacturers Plate on Pony Cart Ride, Image courtesy of Cowan’s Auctions, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio


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Whale Vibrations

Whale Vibrations. Photo © Bruce Handy/Pablo 57 via flickr

The title of Coney Island photographer Bruce Handy/pablo 57‘s knockout photo of this popular kiddie ride at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park is “Whale Vibrations.” Commenters on his flickr photostream liked the composition and the splash of color against a clear blue sky. It’s one of our favorites, too!

The ride’s official name is Willie the Whale and its manufacturer is Zamperla, whose Luna Park with 19 rides is set to open next door to Deno’s on Memorial Day Weekend. Willie the Whale is one of three Zamperla rides currently operating in Coney Island’s amusement area. Can anyone guess the names and locations of the other two? We’ll post photos of those rides as soon as we receive the correct answers.

Coney Island’s 40 rides including the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone roller coaster opened for the 2010 season on Palm Sunday. This weekend is sunny with temps in the mid-70s. Willie the Whale says come out and ride!

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McCulloughs Kiddie Park on Bowery @ 12th Street has 12 rides including this cute tug boat and classic carousel. Photo © Tricia Vita/me-myself-i via flickr

McCullough's Kiddie Park on Bowery @ 12th Street has 12 rides including this cute tug boat and classic carousel. Photo © Tricia Vita/me-myself-i via flickr

photo via me-myself-i, flickr

Coney Island’s much photographed Bumblebee ride and the kiddie rides surrounding it are part of McCullough’s Kiddie Park. Located on the Bowery at 12th Street, the park has 12 kiddie rides and is open for the 2009 season. The rides are the Bumblebeez, Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Swings, Motorcycles, Yellow Submarine, Dizzy Dragons, Himalaya, Ladybug, Frog Hopper, Circus Train and Tug Boat. The McCullough family is related to the Tilyous and has owned and operated rides in Coney Island for many years and we hope many years to come!

Although Astroland closed in 2008, Coney Island still has 52 rides up and running in the 2009 season.


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