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Dinnertime for Mom and Coney Island Kittens. July 7, 2011. Photo By Marie Roberts

Marie Roberts, who paints the banners for the Coney Island Sideshow and lives in the neighborhood, frequently “finds” cats and kittens on her porch. It’s as if stray cats have an unerring instinct where to go for help. We’ve lost count of how many Coney Island cats have been rescued by Marie, who has several cats of her own and cannot foster this litter. Here’s the story on the four kitties:

Well, I got mom and four babies to vet this morning.
Mom will be neutered and released.

Babies will be checked and possibly neutered.

If anyone can or knows of someone who can foster these until I find homes. I am desperate.

I pick up everyone from vet on Wednesday afternoon.

one white with grey spots
one white with black spots
one white with grey tail
one grey with white feet and chest.

Can you give any of these kitties a foster or forever home? If you’re interested, contact Marie at bitterwonder[AT]hotmail[DOT]com or leave a comment below…

UPDATE July 22, 2011:

Kittens will be at vet on Flatbush Avenue till Sunday afternoon due to the heatwave. They are neutered, have shots, tested and deflead. If you are interested in adopting or fostering one or some, please email Marie. Kittens are free.


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Sister Kittens Cutie & Patootie. Photo © Tricia Vita/me-myself-i

UPDATE December 19, 2010:

ATZ is happy to report that Cutie and Patootie were recently adopted into a cat-loving home. Their new names are Joan Crawford and Bette Davis! If you are looking for two cute (also too cute!) Brooklyn cats to adopt, please consider Spot and Dot. These sister cats are being fostered by our Coney Island Polar Bear friend Eric Weiss.

UPDATE October 24, 2010:

These sister kittens from Coney Island were fostered for the past month but are now back with Marie Roberts and need a permanent home. “Cutie & Patootie aren’t shy anymore and purr constantly. They like to be with each other, monkey see monkey do,” says Marie. If you’re interested, contact Marie at bitterwonder[AT]hotmail.com or leave a comment below.

Cutie: Female kitten, Tuxedo. Shy but coming around. Very smart

September 6, 2010…ATZ recently got a chance to cuddle the teensiest kitten in Coney Island. Marie Roberts, who paints the banners for the Coney Island Sideshow, took him in after he’d been abandoned by mama cat. The kitty was affectionate, alert, and lucky as all get out. After spending a couple of nights in her studio at CIUSA, he was adopted and is living in the lap of luxury!

Since then Marie was able to rescue his siblings. Now that Cutie and Patootie have been checked out by the vet, these two little girls need a home. Marie writes: “Female kitten, Tuxedo. Shy but coming around. Very smart. Needs home/foster situation by Tues am. Below: Female kitten, grey tabby. A little shy. These are siblings. Vet washed, wormed and they are on antibiotics.” You can meet them today at the Coney Island Museum, 1208 Surf Avenue, 2nd floor. If you’re interested, contact Marie at bitterwonder[AT]hotmail.com or leave a comment below.

Patootie: Female kitten, grey tabby. A little shy

UPDATE September 7, 2010:

Marie Roberts, who rescued the kits, writes: “Cutie and Patootie are in foster care until Fri morning (Sept 10) but they are still looking for a home with that special human.” She also noted that Cutie is spokes kitten for Patootie! These two really should be adopted together.


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UPDATE January 2010…
All of the Coney Island kitties pictured below were adopted a few months ago and we don’t know of any Coney Island cat ladies looking for homes for any more CI kitties as of Jan 1, 2010. However….

ATZ came across the cutest Greenpoint kitties on our friend Miss Heather’s blog: “People are leaving cans of food out for these kittens. What they need is TLC and a home. Anyone interested in adopting these kittens should contact me via email at missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. I’ll hook you up with the “owner” of these kittens.”

ATZ also recommends visiting www.petfinder.com, the virtual home of 290,884 adoptable pets from 12,973 adoption groups! You can browse through their database of pets in your area and look at photos and bios. We found our cat on petfinder and highly recommend the site!

Luna Park Kitty Needs Loving Home

Luna Park Kitty Needs Loving Home

I’m a genuine Coney Island Kitten, born & raised by a fine feline-loving family in Luna Park Houses . You can’t get any more Coney Island than that. Please adopt me! My brothers and sisters, too! Contact the humans via flickrmail or amusingthezillion[at]gmail.com

Rub my tummy, pleez!

Rub my tummy, pleez!

A few months ago ATZ helped find homes for some of these “Adorable & Adoptable: Genuine Coney Island Kittens.” If you would like an older kitten, this pretty, sweet-tempered cat is now nine months old….

Coney Island Kitten Up for Adoption

Coney Island Kitten Up for Adoption


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