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Beyoncé riding the Coney Island Cyclone. August 29, 2013. Photo via beyonce-legion.com

Thursday morning’s awesome rumor turned out to be true! Woke up to a phone call from a TV reporter asking if we knew anything about Beyoncé shooting a music video on the Coney Island Cyclone today. A few hours later the chatter on twitter was that she was arriving at 4PM. Uh, make that 5.

Beyoncé and her crew conquered the Cyclone roller coaster before moving on to Coney’s legendary “Bump Your Ass Off” Eldorado Auto Skooters and Arcade. A bit later she was surrounded by adoring fans on the Boardwalk. In Wonder Wheel Park, Beyoncé went for a whirl on the landmark Wheel and the classic Spook-A-Rama dark ride with the music video’s director Terry Richardson.

By 9:30PM, they were heading back for another go at Eldorado, where the music part of the video was being shot and no phone calls or photos were allowed, said a friend who was an extra. The famed disco palace of bumper cars was closed all day for the shoot.

The music video is said to be for a new song called “XO,” which is expected to be released in about 3 months.


Beyoncé and photographer Terry Richardson riding Spook-A-Rama, Coney Island. August 29, 2013. Photo via beyonce-legion.com


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Full Moon in Coney Island

Full Moon in Coney Island, March 26, 2013. Photo © Bruce Handy

March 26th’s full moon peers over the top of the landmark Cyclone roller coaster and the Wonder Wheel’s “Thrills!” sign in this exquisite capture by Coney Island photographer Bruce Handy. The American flags are the cherry on top!


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cyclone new ticketbooth

Coney Island Cyclone’s New Ticketbooths. March 13, 2013. Photo © Tricia Vita/me-myself-i via flickr

When the Cyclone roller coaster opens on March 24th, the borough president breaks a bottle of egg cream on the front car and the first 100 people ride for free. It’s a good ol’ Coney Island tradition. The next hundred people on line and everyone who follows will buy their tickets at brand-new ticket booths located beneath the ride. Under construction since Sunday, the Surf Avenue booths are located in a space under the Cyclone that was used for storage since Luna Park began running the landmark ride in 2011. The price of a ride is also going up a dollar this season and will cost $9.00. Luna Park leases the coaster from the City’s Parks Department, which receives a percentage of ticket sales.

Cyclone Ticketbooth

Under Construction: Coney Island Cyclone’s New Ticketbooth. March 13, 2013. Photo © Tricia Vita/me-myself-i via flickr

The little windows in the interior wall that let visitors peek at the coaster rumbling by were constructed when the Coney Island History Project, which has since moved to the Wonder Wheel, turned the former souvenir stand into an exhibit center. The photo below is a last look at the old Cyclone ticket booth on the corner: “Ride the American Legend!” When Astroland ran the Cyclone it said “How Sweet It Is!” in homage to Jackie Gleason, who grew up in Brooklyn and played New York bus driver Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners. (Update, March 19th: The old ticketbooth was demolished today.)

Old Ticketbooth

Last Look at the Cyclone’s Old Ticketbooth. March 13, 2013. Photo © Tricia Vita/me-myself-i via flickr

If you look at vintage photos and postcards of the Cyclone, the signage reads “Faster Than Ever!” and “Bus Depot.” The ticket booths were inside, opening up the front of the ride to public view. Since the Cyclone is an official New York City landmark, changes to the facade must have historic precedent and be approved by the Landmarks Commission. It will be interesting to see what’s in the future for this famous corner of Coney Island.

Cyclone vintage postcard


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