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This weekend is your last chance to dance with the life-size dancing doll “Miss Coney Island” and enjoy the miniature animated rides of “Coney Island Always” before they close for the year. These independently owned amusements cost only 25 cents each and are located on West 12th Street off the Boardwalk, beneath Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park.

When ATZ “interviewed” Miss Coney after she moved from Jones Walk in 2012, it was revealed that in a past life she was an Indian princess automaton at Connecticut’s Great Danbury Fair. Though you’d never guess it after her glam makeover, this doll dates back to the 1930s. The shimmying mannequin is a magnet for visiting divas. Catch her at 2:20 in Beyonce’s music vid XO and with Rita Ora in a fashion shoot for Vibe Magazine. Miss Coney Island’s taglines on twitter are “Don’t Postpone Joy” and “25 cents to fall in LOVE.” (more…)

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Miss Coney Island's Dancing Cat

Miss Coney Island’s Dancing Cat. April 6, 2014 . Photo © Tricia Vita via flickr

New for 2014 in Coney Island! One of Miss Coney Island‘s dancing cats is sporting a Marilyn Monroe badge. Just call her Marilyn.

The dancing doll and cats are a popular attraction on West 12th Street across from the Steeplechase coaster. It costs a quarter a dance.


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Miss Coney Island Meets Miss Coney Island

Lefty Lucy, Vice President of Miss Coney Island USA and Dancing Doll Miss Coney Island, May 26, 2012. Photo © Tricia Vita

Looking for a photo of the Tilt-A-Whirl in action, we came across this unpublished pic from last summer that’s too delicious not to share right now. On the left is Lefty Lucy, winner of the Miss Coney Island 2011 title at the burlesque beauty pageant and now Vice President of Miss Coney Island USA. “Miss Coney Island” on the right is the dancing doll whose motto is “Don’t Postpone Joy” and “25 cents to fall in LOVE.”

Coney Island USA’s burlesque beauty pageant was started by Bambi the Mermaid in 2003. Miss Cherry Delight is the titleholder for 2013. The dancing doll known as Miss Coney Island made her debut on Jones Walk in 1998 after a previous career as an Indian Princess automaton at Connecticut’s Danbury Fair. Now located in a window on West 12th Street near the entrance to the Wonder Wheel, the dancing doll and her dancing cat open for the season on Coney Island’s Opening Day, March 24th. Lefty Lucy is teaching a workshop on stage kittening this Saturday at the New York School of Burlesque.

ATZ has previously interviewed both Miss Coney Islands here and here.


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