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Antique Toy Carousel

Althof Bergmann Clockwork Carousel, The RSL Auction Co, Dec 7, 2013

These antique toys are a reminder that once upon a time, before steam power, carousels had to be cranked by hand or turned by a live horse. This charming tin-plated clockwork carousel was made in the 1800s by Althof Bergmann and Co. of New York City. The toy importer and manufacturer was in business from the mid-1800’s and exhibited their wares at the 1878 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. This carousel with tin gondolas, horses and riders under a fabric canopy will be auctioned on Dec 7 at the RSL Auction Co. in New Jersey. The pre-sale estimate is $8,000-$12,000.

Antique Toy Carousel

Mueller & Kadeder Zeppelin-Carousel, Antico Mondo Toy Auction, December 7, 2013

The first Zeppelin took flight in 1900 and soon captured the popular imagination of German toymakers. This Zeppelin-Carousel, made in 1910 by Mueller & Kadeder, will be sold at Antico Mondo’s annual toy auction on December 7 in Germany. The pre-sale estimate is €1,600 – €2,500. According to Grand Old Toys, M&K produced a wide range of fanciful aeronautical toys, carousels, and novelty toys. The flag at the top of the carousel–in this case the red and white flag of Monaco–indicated market destination.

Another Zeppelin Carousel to be sold at the same auction was manufactured by Krauss, one of the early tin toymakers of Nürnberg, and includes a fragment of the original box. The presale estimate is €15 – €20.

Antique Toy Carousel

Krauss Zeppelin-Carousel, Antico Mondo Toy Auction, December 7, 2013

The company that made the Bing carousel seen below (Presale estimate €390 – €600) was founded as Gebrüder Bing in Nürnberg in 1865 as a tin and kitchenware manufacturer. They became the largest toy manufacturer in the world by 1900. Today there’s a Bing Toy Museum in Freinsheim.

Antique Toy Carousel

Bing Carousel, Antico Mondo Toy Auction, December 7, 2013


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