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This video of singer-songwriter Antje Duvekot’s “Coney Island” wasn’t shot on Coney’s beach but the dark beauty of the lyrics and the old footage pulled us in:

well the Empire State is gleaming
and it’s a perfect Friday night
hold me down
’cause I am feeling high as a kite
’cause I’m not living for the landing
tonight I’m living for the flight
don’t wanna capture the moment
i just wanna let it go by

’cause in a world so full of troubles
i think we’ve seen enough
and they’ll still be here tomorrow
when the sun comes up

The song is from “The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer,” voted top album of 2009 by Boston folk station WUMB. Duvekot, a native of Germany, lived in Delaware, New York City and Vermont before becoming popular on Boston’s folk scene. “Her rise to prominence can be attributed to a paper plane voice fluttering through breezes with a reedy Irish lilt and keen lyrical sense of dignity and destruction,” says the Boston Globe in a review of her new album “New Siberia.”


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