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Rainbow Over Brooklyn Cyclones, Coney Island

Rainbow Over Brooklyn Cyclones, Coney Island. August 19, 2013. Photo © Jim Levine

On August 19, this rainbow surrounded Coney Island’s MCU Park during the Brooklyn Cyclones first game of a double header against the Staten Island Yankees. It brought them good luck. They won the first game. Now the Cyclones are in first place but just barely.

“With just six games left, the Cyclones find themselves 1/2 a game in front of the Aberdeen IronBirds in the race for the McNamara Division title,” according to the team’s website. They’re looking to clinch the title this weekend and go on to the playoffs. The last two home games are Saturday and Sunday, with Beatles-themed fireworks shot off from the stadium after Saturday’s game.

Last night, Cyclones GM Steve Cohen asked the twitterverse to root for Coney Island’s home team:

Thanks to ATZ reader Jim Levine for his photo. Through September 21st, we’ll be posting our favorite photos of the summer.


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