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Coney Island kitten

One Coney Island kitten left for adoption

Black cats are statistically among the least likely to be adopted, so we thought we’d give this cute black kitten a boost by featuring her in today’s post. The Coney Island kitten’s two grey and white siblings (seen below) were adopted the other day, leaving her the only one still seeking a forever home. Her mom and dad are black and white, says their human, our friend Diana, who lives in Coney Island.

black kitten

1 very sweet kitty left. All black fits in the palm of ur hand she will b a small cat. Very loving playful. Eats wet n dry food litter trained except around large plants ha ha. She will crawl into ur hand n cuddle against u to nap if u let her. Contact me if interested really don’t want to take her to a shelter would prefer to adopt her out…….

black kitten

This black kitten’s two siblings were adopted the other day.

If you would like to adopt the black kitty, please reply via this contact form. Your information will be emailed to ATZ and we will forward it to Diana.

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Coney Island Kittens for adoption

Yoda is one of four Coney Island kittens up for adoption. Photo © Diana Baggott

If you’re cat lonely this winter, Yoda will be happy to keep you and your computer company. She is one of four Coney Island kittens born indoors and hand-raised by a cat-loving family that will soon be up for adoption. The kittens, two girls and two boys, are now 11 weeks old and at Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Yoda and Phantom, the black and white kitten, are the girls. Smokey and Tiger are the boys. Now that they’re are old enough to be adopted, our friend Diana brought the foursome to Sean Casey last week. She is keeping two of the kittens and Mama will get spayed.

Mama Cat and Kittens

Mama Cat and Kittens. January 30, 2015. Photo © Diana Baggott

All of the kittens have sweet personalities and are litterbox trained. “They are playful and like to explore,” says Diana. “Yoda and Smokey are not afraid of anything. They were the first to do anything. Phantom is a little shy.”

If you’d like to inquire about the kittens, contact Sean Casey Animal Rescue, which has locations in Sunset Park and Windsor Terrace.

Kittens up for adoption

Sleeping Kittens January 20, 2015. Photo © Diana Baggott

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Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella

April 27: Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella Adoption Event at Boggie Doggie in Brooklyn

Instead of standing on line for more than two hours to get into a pop-up cat cafe, you can wake up to a cat purring beside your pillow or curled up in your bathroom sink. The cute cat in the above photo is one of several cats available for adoption by Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella on April 27 from 12 noon till 5pm at Boggie Doggie, 76th St and Fifth Avenue, in Brooklyn.

The Coney Island cats include Spice, who was born under the Coney Island Boardwalk last year and rescued as a kitten. BRU founder Josie Marrero describes her as “smart, easygoing and beautiful! (fiv+ so best as an only cat. VERY healthy!) Watch her in motion and you’ll get your own Red Carpet for her.”

Another Coney cat up for adoption was rescued just a few days ago. One of the caretakers of the Coney Island Boardwalk cat colonies found a friendly cat abandoned at Carey Gardens Houses on Surf Avenue. After taking the cat to the vet, Josie learned she is a spayed and micro-chipped female named Clover. “About a year old? Lap cat. Purrs even around dogs. Orange and white tabby. Amazingly cooperative!”

Coney Island Cat up for adoption

Spice was born under the coney Island Boardwalk and rescued as a kitten. Photo by Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella

If you can’t keep a cat in your apartment, consider spending your spare time volunteering with one of New York City’s cat rescue groups. All need help caring for and fostering cats and kittens.

Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella recently launched the Coney Island Boardwalk Cats Project to help the stray and feral cats on the Boardwalk. ATZ has joined the effort and hopes that our readers will too. We will start doing TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) in the next couple of weeks and volunteers are needed to assist. Friendly strays and kittens will need foster homes. Follow CIBC on Facebook or twitter for updates or email ConeyIslandBoardwalkCats[at]gmail[dotcom) for info.

UPDATE April 28, 2014:

Mona, the cat curled up in the sink, was adopted on Sunday. Carey Gardens Clover found a foster home. Spice and several other cats are still waiting for their forever homes.

Coney Island Kittens

Kitten Season: These Coney Island Kittens have already been adopted but more are on the way! Photo by Brooklyn Rescue Umbrella


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