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“You gotta fight for your right to Save Coney. A real landmark but they’re trying to make it phony,” raps Coney Island hip-hop artist AMO1. The anthem was written for the group Save Coney Island.

What makes this special is AMO1’s Coney roots. “They’re tryin’ to tear my land down…tryin’ to destroy a legend,” he says. “Don’t let it get destroyed by Thor Equities. Keep every acre of land for amusements.” The Cyclone roller coaster, Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park, the freak show, and cotton candy on kids’ faces get a mention in the vid. AMO1 pays tribute to the go karts, which were bulldozed by real estate speculator Thor Equities in 2007.

The first time you ever drove was at the go kart races
Get hungry and go to Nathans
Most been here their whole life cause it’s amazing
Let’s stop them from tearing it down to the pavement
Cause this is all we got for the youth so let’s save it.

If there was ever a time to fight for your right to Save Coney, it’s now or never. The City Council’s Land Use Committee is expected to vote on the rezoning plan this week. Perhaps even as early as tomorrow morning! The full Council vote is scheduled for July 29. In a last ditch effort to save the People’s Playground, Save Coney Island is asking New Yorkers to call their elected officials and request changes to the City’s plan.

7/20 UPDATE: we just received an urgent email from Save Coney Island that The Land Use Committee met today and recessed without making any recommendations. The Zoning and Land Use Committees are now scheduled to vote tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st, on revisions to the Coney Island rezoning plan:

When: 10:30 am
Where: City Hall Chambers.

Bring a sign! The last time, they gave us a hard time about anything bigger than 8.5 x 11. You can download one no bigger than that here(pdf).

The vote by the Land Use Committee is the last chance for the plan to be fixed. If council members choose to vote on the plan without significant amendments dealing with the amusement area, we will know that they ignored your calls and that they are indifferent to the destruction of the “People’s Playground”. The vote by the entire City Council is scheduled for July 29th.

Keep making phone calls! Call Quinn, Recchia, and your council member. Tell them that Coney Island amusements are a city-wide issue, and that the plan must be fixed. All the info you need to make a call is here. Call now!



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