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Mangels Pony Cart Ride at Deno’s Kiddie Park, Coney Island. August 29, 2008. Photo © Tricia Vita/me-myself-i via flickr

Fourth of July calls up memories of riding a Mangels pony cart on the carny kids float in a smalltown parade. When Colbert’s Fiesta played Manomet, Massachusetts for the Fourth, the carnival once made a float bedecked with Pony Carts from the Mangels Pony Cart Ride. The little carny kids, including me, got to ride in the carts on the float, wearing our Sunday best. I remember being awestruck by the teenage girls who suddenly looked like fairy princesses in their prom gowns and tiaras. We flung candy and carnival prizes to the crowd.

This classic pony cart ride at Deno’s Kiddie Park was manufactured a few blocks away at the Mangels Factory on 8th Street in Coney Island, which is now the Deptartment of Motor Vehicles Building. William F. Mangels also invented the Whip, which we had on the carnival too. Happy Memories and Happy Fourth of July!


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Coney Island Fireworks

Coney Island Fireworks from Steeplechase Pier, July 29, 2011, Photo © Jim McDonnell. All Rights Reserved

UPDATE May 10, 2014: Readers are already starting to ask about this year’s fireworks, so here you go: The first Friday night fireworks show of Coney Island’s 2014 season will be on June 20, the eve of both the first day of summer and the Mermaid Parade. Schedule for 2014 fireworks is here.

UPDATE June 4, 2013: For 2013 Fireworks Schedule see “Coney Island Fireworks 2013: Fridays, 6 Saturdays and More…” The first Friday night fireworks show of Coney Island’s 2013 season will be on June 21 and this free weekly event continues every Friday through August 30.

It’s that time of year when we start to get queries about whether Coney Island has fireworks on Memorial Day. The answer is Coney Island’s tradition of Friday night fireworks begins in mid-June. But if you come out on Memorial Day Weekend, the beach opens for the season and you’ll also be able to ride a record number of new rides as well as old favorites.

The first Coney Island fireworks show of the 2012 season is on June 15 and this free weekly event continues every Friday through August 31. The pyrotechnic extravaganza starts at 9:30 pm. Best viewing is on the Boardwalk from West 10th to West 12th Streets, on the Wonder Wheel or from Steeplechase Pier. Coney Island will also have fireworks on the Fourth of July this year for the first time in years since the date is a Brooklyn Cyclones home game!

Please patronize the sponsors of the fireworks: Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park; Luna Park, including Scream Zone and the Cyclone; and the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team.

In addition, the Brooklyn Cyclones have scheduled fireworks on the following four Saturdays after their home games as well as on one Monday–Opening Day–and one Wednesday, which falls on July 4th:

Monday June 18th – OPENING DAY – vs. Staten Island Yankess
Wednesday July 4th – vs. Williamsport Crosscutters
Saturday July 7th – vs. Jamestown Jammers
Saturday Aug 4th – vs. Auburn Doubledays
Saturday Aug 11th – vs. Vermont Lake Monsters
Saturday Aug 25 – vs. Staten Island Yankees

The fireworks after the home games are shot off from the stadium located between West 16th and West 19th Streets and are best viewed from the Boardwalk or nearby streets.

When the weather is iffy on a day that fireworks are scheduled, check the Coney Island tweeters on Coney Island Fun’s list for updates.


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Beach Umbrellas in Coney Island

Beach Umbrellas in Coney Island. July 4, 2011. Photo © Jim McDonnell via smugmug

On the Fourth of July, Jim McDonnell took this amazing shot of Coney Island’s beach brimming with colorful umbrellas. Our first thought on seeing so many umbrellas was that it could be challenging to find one’s way back after a swim. “The 4th itself started out hazy but turned hot, humid and incredibly crowded!” says Jim, whose set of Coney Island Independence Day Weekend photos may be viewed here.


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