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Walking the Parakeets

Going for A Walk with the Parakeets. August 31, 2013. Photo © Tricia Vita

In Coney Island, it’s usual to see people walking their dog or with a snake wrapped round their shoulders. Bearded dragon lizards, guinea pigs and parrots are also a typical sight. On a recent Saturday, ATZ met Earlene, who takes her parakeets for a daily stroll on the Boardwalk. Their birdcage fits neatly into her big blue shopping cart. The Coney Island resident stopped to chat and recite poetry. The yellow parakeet’s name is Yellowbee. The other two are nameless, she said.

Parakeets in Coney Island

Parakeets in Coney Island. August 31, 2013. Photo © Tricia Vita


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