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This music video for “Jamaica and the Wishing Shrine” from the Let Them Talk EP by Agent Ribbons was shot in Coney Island a few days before Hurricane Sandy. The Austin-based band, who describe themselves as sounding something like Girls in the Garage doing the Three Penny Opera, cavort on the abandoned MegaWhirl and trace their song’s title in the sand on Coney’s fabled shore. It’s a lyrical little gem: “I haven’t seen you since December. It was a long long drive…”

“The idea behind the video was to have sort of a wistful, nostalgic vibe, fitting the song about visiting an old friend,” film-maker Jason Hood of All New York’s a Venue, told ATZ. “Coney Island in the off season turned out to be the perfect place, and shooting it on Super 8 film gave the impression of an older version of New York.”

All New York’s a Venue is a web series featuring bands playing in special places around New York City. Hood did a similar series in Austin before moving to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and frequently works with bands with Texas roots. “Probably my favorite episode and location I’ve filmed was a moving Rockaway-bound A train, which happened to also feature Agent Ribbons,” says Hood. He’s also shot episodes at Central Park, the High Line, Shea Stadium, in a Bushwick basement, along the East River, and on rooftops in Red Hook.


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