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Feed the Clown Game Coney Island

Feed the Clown Game, West 12th Street in Coney Island. Photo © Tricia Vita

Skin the Wire, Feed the Clown, Roll-A-Coaster! Game of skill operators are needed for the 2016 season at these independent games on West 12th Street off the Coney Island Boardwalk. As a former carny kid who grew up working games on the midway, ATZ highly recommends this unique and formative job experience. And next time they call you in to play the games at San Gennaro or the state fair, you’ll be a full-fledged carny and can reply “I’m with it!”

–Games require manual dexterity
–Proficiency in addition. One game requires adding numbers
–Personable, outgoing and good with people
–Ability to describe and explain the games and merchandise to customers

The games open March 20 March 25 and are open weekends and school holidays in the spring and fall, as well as some evenings in May. The daily schedule kicks in Memorial Day Weekend and runs through Labor Day Weekend. Hours and scheduling are flexible. The rate of pay starts at $10 per hour and goes up as the operator masters each of the three games.

Apply in person or leave a reply below and ATZ will forward it to the game’s owner.

Games on W 12th St, Coney Island

skin the wire and Feed the Clown Games on West 12th Street, Coney Island. Photo © Tricia Vita via flickr

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Jim Zajicek's Big Circus Sideshow

Jim Zajicek’s Big Circus Sideshow. Photo © Jim Zajicek

Jim Zajicek, Curator of the Unusual and Proprietor of the Big Circus Sideshow recently wrote a Help Wanted post on Facebook that grabbed our attention. His idiosyncratic slang called up memories of carnival ads from the dear, old Billboard, the Showman’s Bible…

for 2014 Season..

Can place Couple and or Individual/s…
WANTED: Freaks, Working Acts, Swaller, Blockhead, BON, Fire, Those that double, given preference, let us know what you can do?…
Chinese involved
We Pay REAL Money, and you must deliver the goods…Salary/Cherry Pie..
A good home to save money for right people…
Don’t misrepresent or get by with smut as the Mgr is a Old Showman…
Only Serious Inquiries Only…
NO Boozers, Chasers, Dopers, Funny Book Readers No Tats on Dome or Bones in noses…This show plays Church spots…

IF you walk upright and eat with a Knife and Fork this could be a Good opportunity for you…

Contact: Jim Zajicek..
Big Circus Sideshow.

Or message Jim Zajicek on Facebook

Zajicek is taking applications for the upcoming season, which runs from mid-March through the first week of November. The Big Circus Sideshow plays mostly West of the Mississippi, he says. After starting in the circus business in 1979 with Franzen Bros. Circus, the showman started his own show more than a decade ago.

Here’s a video by Cris Siqueira of the show’s last three spots of the 2011 season at the Heart O’ Texas Fair & Rodeo in Waco, Texas; the Washington Parish Fair in Franklinton, Louisiana; and the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport.


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Screengrab from lunaparknyc.com, the new website of Coney Island’s New Luna Park

Screengrab from lunaparknyc.com, the new website of Coney Island’s New Luna Park

Luna Park Coney Island’s new website and blog debuted last week on the same day as Mayor Bloomberg’s press conference at the Aquarium announcing the new park. Renderings of four of the park’s new rides, including a Mega Disk’O and a roller coaster, were released to the press. Sources said that Central Amusement International (CAI) will be releasing details of the ride line up and other info little by little over the next 100 days—now 95 days and counting till opening day. CAI is ride manufacturer Zamperla’s subsidiary for park operations and also operates Victorian Gardens in Central Park.

This is where some of the announcements will appear: Luna Park Coney Island NYC’s blog, which for the moment consists of an introductory post:

Central Amusement International, LLC is excited to be chosen by the NYCEDC to be a part of the revitalization of Coney Island. Our dedicated team is working hard to bring you Luna Park this summer, a new amusement park filled with new thrill and family rides, opening in May on Memorial Day Weekend. We are thrilled in becoming the newest destination for Coney Island visitors and look forward to seeing you all at Luna Park this summer. Keep checking our blog for the latest Luna Park updates.

Looking for a fun summer job? The Luna Park website already has job descriptions and downloadable applications. Job opportunities include ride and game operator, ticketseller, retail sales, food and beverage sales and logistics associate. The City’s press release about the new amusement park says “in its inaugural season Luna Park is projected to create 247 new jobs in Coney Island, increasing to 330 full and part time positions in 2011, with an emphasis on local hiring.”

Zamperla's "Air Race" Ride will debut this summer at Coney Island's New Luna Park

Rendering of Zamperla Air Race Ride Set to Debut in Luna Park Coney Island in 2010

The new park will have 19 new rides for 2010 and is scheduled to open on May 29. The rest of Coney Island–the Cyclone Roller Coaster, Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park (22 rides), McCullough’s Kiddie Park (12 rides), 12th Street Amusements (4 rides), Eldorado Bumper Cars and Arcade, Coney Island Sideshow, Coney Island Arcade and games, and other independently owned businesses–will open as usual for the season on Palm Sunday, which is March 28th. Hope to see you at both opening days!


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