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Brooklyn Bread's Yummy Tuna Bella Comes to Coney Island! Photo © Tricia Vita//me-myself-i via flickr

Brooklyn Bread’s Yummy Tuna Bella Comes to Coney Island! Photo © Tricia Vita//me-myself-i via flickr

Among the welcome new arrivals on the Coney Island Boardwalk this season are Brooklyn Bread’s Grilled Vegetable Salads, Broccoli Rabe Wraps, and Tuna Bella Sandwiches. You’ll also be able to get a latte, espresso or cappuccino at the cafe’s new satellite location in Coney Island next door to Ruby’s Bar. After a soft opening on Palm Sunday, Brooklyn Bread is expected to be fully open in May, according to Rob Suh, owner of the Coney Island Souvenir Shop. Suh has partnered with friends from the Park Slope cafe and bakery to bring their delicious Italian sandwiches, breads and salads to the Boardwalk.

On opening day we sampled the #1 sandwich on Brooklyn Bread’s menu–the Tuna Bella–which has already gotten rave reviews from Brooklynites. Two cans of Italian tuna, roasted peppers, two kinds of cheese—mozzarella and creamy Balpaese, balsamic vinegar and Tuscan olive oil on a homemade roll. Some lovely arugula too. Delizioso!

Sandwiches are large enough for two people to share and range in price from $6.50 to $9.50. Vegetarians can look forward to #5 The Vegetarian Special and three different eggplant sandwiches. Bagels, breads and a variety of beverages are also on the menu. Did we mention that Coney Island’s Brooklyn Bread will deliver to the Beach and Boardwalk?

Brooklyn Bread in Coney Island, on the Boardwalk next door to Ruby’s, 718-266-7885

Update: This Brooklyn Bread location is closed.

Bagels, Beverages & Brooklyn Bread's Favorites come to Coney Island.Photo © Tricia Vita//me-myself-i via flickr

Bagels, Beverages & Brooklyn Bread’s Favorites come to Coney Island. Photo © Tricia Vita//me-myself-i via flickr


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