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If you’re a wimp when it comes to thrill rides, this on-ride POV vid is your chance to go for a virtual spin on Zamperla’s new Air Race. Woo hoo! From our article about Luna Park in the August issue of IAAPA Funworld: “Our intention is to have the latest rides that we develop in our park,” says Valerio Ferrari (CEO of Zamperla USA and Central Amusements International), who points to the Air Race, a prototype designed by Mega Disk’O creator Gianbattista Zambelli. The thrill ride, which sends riders upside down at up to 4 g forces, made its world debut in Coney Island.

Zamperla’s Luna Park in Coney Island opened on Memorial Day weekend. The park is currently open weekends through Halloween.

An off-ride POV video (also by Coaster Force) conveys the visual impact of the ride. When you’re standing at the perimeter, it really does feel like the aerobatic planes are diving towards you!

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