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Zamperla's Steeplechase Motocoaster Under Construction in Scream Zone. April 19, 2011. Photo © Bruce Handy/Coney Island Photo Diary via flickr

On Wednesday at 1 pm, Mayor Bloomberg and other electeds, officials and guests will celebrate the “Grand Opening” of Scream Zone. The new thrill park in Coney Island will open to the public on Thursday at 12 noon. (UPDATE…. On Thursday, Luna Park’s Facebook page said “Scream Zone will open to the public this weekend. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm as we work on the finishing touches.” Coney Island Fun Guide updated the event page for Saturday, April 23rd. As of April 30, all of Coney Island’s 64 rides, including Scream Zone, Luna Park, Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park and the Cyclone are open Saturdays and Sundays through end of May, when the summer schedule begins.)

Which one of the park’s four rides do you suppose will appear in the photo op? We wouldn’t be surprised to see the Mayor and officials sit astride the “Steeplechase coaster” horses still under wraps in the above photo. Zamperla’s Steeplechase MotoCoaster takes its name from Coney Island’s signature horse race ride that made a circuit around Steeplechase Park. But it does differ quite a bit in design. Most notably, the horses are part of a single train instead of racing against each other on multiple tracks. Another big difference: The ride’s seating design and restraint system are new and improved to comply with current-day safety standards.

At last year’s opening of Luna Park, official “Lunatics” took a group picture on the Electro Spin, though they did not actually go for a spin. We don’t expect them to go for a ride on the coaster, which is still getting finishing touches. But perhaps one of their assistants will be daring enough to try the Sling Shot, which has already been tested and is ready to ride?

Here’s a look at Zamperla’s Pony Express-themed MotoCoaster at Knott’s Berry Farm courtesy of Ryan Childers via YouTube…

UPDATE 8pm…As it turns out the Sling Shot provided the photo op. Mayor Bloomberg and Brooklyn Borough Prez Marty Markowitz pulled the switch to launch a couple of daring 12-year-old kids into the air.  Here’s the video!


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