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Erika Simonian and Steve Curtis of the Brooklyn band Little Silver just released the EP The Stolen Souvenir featuring this hauntingly lovely single “Where We Met.” The music video by Jim Collier was shot this past summer in Coney Island.

See there
We met where
The sojourners found
A small bit of permanent ground

Did the couple, who live in Windsor Terrace, meet in Coney? “We did not meet in Coney Island,” Erika Simonian tells ATZ, “but from the window of our apartment on clear days, you can see the parachute drop. This is where we began together, in this apartment.”

“The first shot of the video is the parachute drop, and our window with curtain is the second,” says Erika, “We chose Coney Island to shoot the video because it’s an evocative place – that we see from our apartment. Plus all the life there – the beach, the boardwalk, the gulls, the awesome mixture of humanity….”

In addition to the Parachute Jump, you’ll catch glimpses of the Cyclone, Wonder Wheel and Luna Park’s Mega Disk’O, Air Race and Brooklyn Flyer. For more info on Little Silver and Tuesday night’s release party at Sycamore Bar in Ditmas Park, visit their website.


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