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ATZ has featured Philomena Marano’s artwork in the past, but missed seeing this delightful cut-paper animation “Take Me There” (2011) until she posted it on Facebook as a holiday greeting. The short film was produced by Mary Nittolo of The Studio and features music by Carol Lipnik. Marano, whose cut-paper collages and prints celebrate Coney Island’s rides, games and signage, recently moved back to the South Brooklyn neighborhood of Bensonhurst, where she grew up. Childhood train rides to Coney Island inspired the piece, the artist says…

Growing up, I can’t remember ever NOT going to Coney Island. It seemed like we took that elevated train to the beach every day. We’d board the train at the 79th Street station (at that time, early on it was known as the “West End” or “T” line, later it became the B and is now the D), We were just 6 stops away from Stillwell Avenue. The ride seemed so short that in my young mind I imagined that the elevated train was an extension of the roller coaster! One and the same. I lived 1 1/2 blocks from the elevated line and even when we weren’t riding, the rumbling overhead was still the roller coaster, high above New Utrecht Avenue.

Pholomena Marano Wonder WheelMarano’s prints are for sale at Coney Island USA and Tabla Rasa Gallery in Brooklyn and Smart Clothes Gallery and City Lore in Manhattan. Pendants featuring images from the artist’s Coney Island series are available online via her Philo-mania store.


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Here’s a front seat view from Coney Island’s long-vanished Shoot-the-Chutes (1895-1944), originally built for Sea Lion Park. Our friends at Clicksypics have transformed a 1904 Underwood & Underwood stereo card of “Brilliant Luna Park at Night, Coney Island, New York’s great pleasure resort” into an animation of Coney Island’s Electric Eden. By 1907, Luna Park was illuminated by 1,300,000 incandescent bulbs at a cost of $5,600 a week. What a holiday light display it would be today!

Luna Park

Luna Park at Night Stereo Card Animation

“I came up with this idea on a whim, I don’t know that it’s been done before, I just knew that I had never seen any,” says the stereo animation’s creator. For the full collection and information about how these wiggle pictures are made, visit Clicksy’s weblog.


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