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Photo of Coney Island paving stone by BBC journalist Jacqui Maher via Instagram

Coney Island is one of the 750 place names inscribed on the paving stones of World, a permanent installation at BBC’s Broadcasting House in London. Created by artist and architect Mark Pimlott, the pavement art expresses the global dimension of the BBC, whose motto is “Nation shall speak peace unto nation.” World has steel lines of longitude and latitude, small embedded lights and an audio installation linked to broadcasts from the BBC World Service.

ATZ learned about the artwork, which debuted in 2011, via a tweet from a BBC journalist who wondered why Coney Island was part of the piece. We emailed Pimlott to ask how the names were chosen and his association with Coney Island.

The names were arrived at through association with many different events and aspects of historical consciousness. These were not arrived at scientifically, but associatively, in a manner resembling improvisation. There were places of origins, pleasure, religions, catastrophe, atrocity, infamy and fame; rivers, deserts and islands, all of which would strike a user of the square as significant in some way, evoking memories or ideas or connections. In all, walking across the square and reading names would result in a wealth of interrelated thoughts about the world we make and inhabit.

World by Mark Pimlott at BBC Broadcasting House

World by Mark Pimlott at BBC Broadcasting House

‘Coney Island’ is featured in a little cluster of other islands: some remote, others famous. The ‘island’ bit is what bound them together, even just the word ‘island.’ For me, Coney Island appeared because of its evocation of ‘everyman’ relaxation, Luna Park, photographs of the great hordes on the beach made by Weegee, the hot dog eating competition, a particular conception of summer. I visited only once, many years ago, a rather melancholic affair, not uncommon to all seaside ‘resorts.’

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