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Childs Restaurant Shenango China Mug via Restaurant Ware Collectors Network

Childs Restaurant Shenango China Mug via Restaurant Ware Collectors Network

The terra cotta palace on the Boardwalk at 21st Street that was Childs Restaurant is one of Coney Island’s official New York City landmarks. Ornamented with fanciful nautical motifs of sea creatures, seashells, ships and King Neptune, the building remains a favorite of photographers, though it’s now vacant.

Since the restaurant closed more than 60 years ago, we’ve never had the pleasure of dining there. Yesterday we came across this delightful vintage coffee cup on Eater, where Greg Moribito posted “Remembering Childs, a Gem from Coney Island’s Golden Age.” His tribute features an abundance of photos, ephemera and historical info. But it was the 1930s Shenango china cup top marked “Childs” and marked on the inside with “This is ‘Beechnut’ Coffee” in script that caught our eye.

The cup must be a rarity because a web search for “Shenango China” and “Childs Restaurant” turns up mostly children’s china. Just to be clear, we’re talking about the Childs Restaurant, not the Children’s Restaurant. Here’s to a hot steaming cup of joe in a Childs cup! If you have one to spare, let us know.


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