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This vintage TV commercial for Bonomo Turkish Taffy stars a precocious little boy who eats the taffy as he rides Coney Island’s carousel, Parachute Jump and Thunderbolt roller coaster! The commercial, which was filmed in the late 1940s, has made a comeback along with the beloved candy bar.

Invented in the 1940s by the Bonomo family and manufactured on 8th Street in Coney Island, the candy was a favorite of baby boomers. But the brand, which came to be owned by the Tootsie Roll Company, was discontinued in 1989. Last year a Pennsylvania candy factory licensed by Bonomo’s new owner Kenny Wiesen began making the Turkish Taffy once again.

On the candy’s Facebook page, fans recall the ritual of slamming the bar against a table to crack it into pieces and then savoring each bite-sized piece. Gary Nomer, the former Bonomo plant manager in Coney Island, told Fortune Magazine the flavor is near the original. “Vanilla is pretty close, strawberry and banana are in the ballpark.”

Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy is available online and in vintage candy stores. If you still have a candy store in your neighborhood!


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